Placing your trust in us is huge and remains our greatest compliment

At WatersEdge Dental we remain careful to meet the needs of your family. Just as our priority is committed to caring for our families, we understand and offer the same level of trust to you in caring for yours…

Recognizing your family has unique and specialized needs, we offer the following:

Children's Family Dentistry
Not all children are the same. We take into consideration parental concerns, primary tooth placement, nutritional considerations, sport involvement, genetic presentation, early childhood habits, etc. Every procedure will first be reviewed and discussed with the parent(s) and every effort will be made to warmly welcome your child into a happy environment for dental health

Did you know?
Quality mouthguards can prevent possible injury, root canal therapy, fractured teeth and a painful/costly experience. Please call today for a no charge consultation to discuss which type of nightguard will best suit your child's need.

Adult Family Dentistry
Usually the last to care for themselves, the parents or hard working single adults are in significant need and we can offer hope and a variety of services to meet your needs. At WatersEdge Dental we are fully experienced in complete cosmetic restoration, anti aging cosmetic restoration, veneers, implants, porcelain crowns, fixed bridges, root canal therapy, bonded fillings, extractions, clear correct straightening therapy, sleep apnea, teeth whitening, etc. We also understand your fast pace and offer full on call coverage and affordable emergency care service.

Mature Family Dentistry
For the more mature, we do our very best to maintain your years of excellence. In addition to the adult family dentistry services above, we have had great success with patients presenting with finer jaw bones, offering full restoration to assist nutritional excellence, secure/implant "lock on" permanent fixed bridges and a host of cosmetic and functional long term solutions.

Is your smile just a pretty smile…? We think not!

Did you know that restoring your smile provides more than just a great look and attitude?

Missing teeth will, over time, change the shape of your face. Your "frame" now hollow in areas from missing teeth can cause premature aging and sunken skin. Additionally, humans were designed to have 32 functioning teeth. Overcompensating can cause uneven muscle development also effecting the shape of your face. Less than 32 teeth does NOT meet the original design for mastication (chewing) and can often lead to enzyme / nutritional imbalances. Numerous options exist to meet your specific needs and every smile is personalized whether opting for veneers, implants, porcelain crowns, bonding, teeth whitening, Clear Correct straightening therapy, fixed bridges, etc. or a combination of. There have also been numerous studies relating to appearance and self confidence as related to an individual's succeeding in this very competitive world.

Here at WatersEdge Dental we just simply believe every patient deserves the best life has to offer… and we're excited to be a prt of that dream for you. We offer time proven dentistry and trusted hands to deliver your dream smile. Call today for your complementary cosmetic consultation.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Why do we invest the tremendous amount of time and energy we do to correct sleep disorders and why is the practice so concerned for your sleep wellness? Simply put, your ability to maximize sleep is your ability to maximize health and longevity… and we deeply care about that. Did you know that sleep apnea is listed as the number one sleep disorder in the United States? Chances are you, someone in your family, or a friend has this life threatening disorder. The National Institute of Health is also concerned… they estimate over 12 million Americans are affected by sleep apnea!

Persons associated with sleep apnea find themselves with constant interruptions to their sleep. These interruptions become more significant as the body is being deprived of oxygen and the brain, reflectively, signals the individual to abruptly awaken. This vicious cycle repeats often throughout the night and the individual awakes in the morning exhausted.

Sleep apnea also can effect children and the disorder has been noted in children suffering from adenoid / tonsil blockage. Symptoms can include restless sleep, dark circles, gasping for air, snoring, etc. Any child suspected of the disorder should immediately see his / her pediatrician.

Whether the sleep apnea is caused by blockage or by poor brain response, the damage is life altering to a person. Often the individual will present with exhaustion, obesity, premature aging, cardiac issues, spousal / partner upsets, memory issues, breathing disorders, headaches etc. Is is depressing and very real… So real it has been linked to heart attacks/ disease!

There Is Hope!
Doctors treating sleep apnea can offer hope. Traditionally, and often for moderate / severe cases, the CPAP had been used. The CPAP is a machine attached to a mask that forces air while you sleep. Unfortunately, though effective, the CPAP has not been tolerated well by many patients. One solution, with doctor approval, is the sleep appliance / oral appliance therapy. Many, many patients have used the oral appliance with wonderful and measured results. We would like to hep you find the rest and health you so deserve… please contact our office today for a complementary sleep consultation.